Conception of the Magnetic Collar Stay

A few years ago, I was getting dressed to take my wife out for dinner and have drinks with our friends in downtown Sarasota. My wife bought me a very nice expensive shirt the prior week which I was putting on to wear for the evening. Looking in the mirror, I could not believe the shirt's collar! It would flare out and not stay in any position I would put it in. I looked like the flying nun! After continual complaining about the way the shirt collar looked and time running out. . .

I had an idea.

I immediately configured a make-shift magnetic collar stay. Yes, it was primitive. However, the basic idea was there and more importantly it worked. The collar adjusted exactly to the way I wanted the collar to look. Throughout the evening I must have asked my wife, "How does my collar look?" a hundred times. Each time she would say, "It looks the same". Three hours, two Long Island Iced Teas and a Vodka Cranberry later I may not have looked so good...but my collar still looked perfect!

When I got out of bed the next day, I drove to my twin brother's hair salon. I figured he is sort of in the fashion industry and he's pretty fly for a straight guy. Joshua seemed very impressed with the idea, helped me do research and then we built the first real prototype.

Working as a hairstylist for thirteen years and struggling with out-of-control collars on a daily basis, Joshua became the first guinea pig to try the magnetic collar stay. Long story short, Joshua and I both knew this really was a spark of genius when after wearing the magnetic collar stays for an entire workday, Josh said: "Finally, I was able to concentrate on the job at hand without having to mess with my collar every five minutes!"

We both agreed that it would be a huge undertaking for just one of us to make every man's shirt collar look perfect so we decided to join together to create Würkin Stiffs, Inc.

Würkin Stiffs is here to conquer evil collars everywhere!

To all of you, from all of us at Würkin Stiffs - Thank you and "Stay Stiff My Friend"!