My Father, prior to his death, when he was terminally ill, really could have used a nice walking stick to help him navigate and balance.  I look back with sadness and dismay on the times when he would fall.  A cane with a bit of style and relevance to his life might have made him feel better, and not feel the burden difficulty with balance and walking during such a physically and emotionally sad time of illness.  

This product category of cool walking sticks and canes was not easy to find.  But I searched high and low and found great American manufacturer in New York, four generations in the business, who really 'gets it'.  

Harvey's began with Abraham Levy,  a silversmith in London, England where he catered to royalty. Abraham would take up to a week or more to hand craft each specially ordered cane.  He had one son, Harry, who was six months old when they came to America in 1882. Harry Levy followed his father's footsteps and began making umbrella handles for ten cents each. Harry soon found that by making the umbrella handles 30” longer he could sell them as canes for forty cents each. He needed the extra money to feed his eight children.

Five of Harry's sons guided the business through the depression years, and into the industrial age. They changed the name from Harry Levy Co. in 1964 to Harvy Surgical Supply by taking the HAR from Harry and the VY from Levy, keeping intact the firm foundation the Levy men had formed in generations past. Harry's sons later added a full line of medical products including crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and patient aids.

Harry Levy had one daughter and today it is her son, Harvey Murtha, who leads the fourth generation. Harvey has added designer canes to the line and imported specialty canes from Europe and around the world.  The buyer from Talisman Collection works directly with Harvey, an incredibly nice man, to choose walking sticks that bring a little joy and style to anyone who needs something to lean on.