Thoi was born in Vietnam after the fall of the South Vietnamese government. Her father had fled the country to avoid persecution. Still, her mother considered her birth a good omen and named her “Thoi,” which means “lucky.” Thoi's family, who put their confidence in her from the start, have always been an inspiration to her.  Her father, a clothing manufacturer, and her mother, a fashion designer, taught Thoi to blend colors, shapes, and textures and to see the beauty and potential in everything.  All of Thoi's designs in the Talisman Collection are created with hand-cut, individually selected, natural gems. Because the stones are chosen for their unique natural beauty, they may vary slightly in shape, size, and color. Thoi personally select the stones with which she works some of which are cut especially for her.  We take pride in Thoi's craftsmanship;  each piece is guaranteed. Thoi will fix or replace any piece found to be imperfect, and will accommodate any reasonable request for special service, whether it is a custom piece for a wedding or a replacement for a lost earring.  Thoi's jewelry has been seen on shows including Desperate Housewives, Weeds, Katie Couric, in movies including 27 Dresses, and in publications including InStyle, and is a favorite with the people at Sundance.