Geoff Thomas' unique jewelry is of silver, gold and in master jewelry design techniques including granulation and Mokume Gane. Geoff’s designs are seen worldwide on his myriad fans.  Owners of Geoff Thomas jewelry include actor Joe Manganiello, Arnold Swarzenegger, Steven Tyler, America’s Next Top Model contestants and scores of musicians and taste-makers. Geoff is a master in custom design work in addition to his prolific work in painting and sculpture.  California-born, with artistic parents, Geoff's mother is a gifted oil painter, and his late father was an all-around artist and talented musician.   Geoff was initially rebellious against personal artistic expression in his youth.  He set out to study finance, with aspirations to be a stock broker.  Shortly following high school, Geoff's interests in different genres of arts, society and culture led him to draw inspiration from skater and surfer fashion and culture, as well as 0ld world art and sculpture, Industrial design, architecture, high fashion, sci-fi, comic book art, tattoo culture, Japanese art, and motorcycle/hotrod culture  These influences led Geoff to delve deeply into his personal artistic passions.  Geoff's talents grew to renown, first in computer-enhanced photography and sculpture, with fans distinguishing his works; imbuing the human form with movement and fluidity and by bringing bold color and dynamism to abstract forms. This work was transcendent and transformative, evolving Geoff's creative journey into attempts to make jewelry in 1998.   Positive reactions to his early jewelry designs in copper led to Geoff teaching himself the finer points of designing and creating fine jewelry, first in silver, and then in gold and other precious metals with gems and diamonds. Geoff remarks that,  “For me, with painting and sculpture you can express yourself in a more direct way than with jewelry, telling a more detailed story.  With jewelry, though, I'm creating more of an intimate message for someone to wear, with the intention to convey an overall theme or mood for the wearer to express. With jewelry it is the combination of the piece, and the person wearing it that culminates in the final expression.  Parallel to my love for working with metal and stone, the intimate personal connection is my favorite part about making jewelry. Painting and sculpture are usually restricted to being hung or exhibited in one place, making the works more private and isolated.  Whereas jewelry is worn on the body, often becoming an extension of one's identity and an external expression of their feelings and personality.”  Scroll down to see jewelry by Geoff Thomas available at Talisman Collection.