Supernova Hinged Earrings by Meredith Young


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Specs: These statement-making earrings are out of this world! Their celestial inspired design features 1.72 carats of tapered baguette diamonds arranged in a striking linear pattern, beautifully intersecting with 0.95 carats of oval-cut white sapphires surrounded by 18k gold. Finished with a classic post back, these earrings are as comfortable as they are spectacular. 

Story: These sweet earrings are part of Meredith's Supernova collection. The stars are in constant transition - expanding and contracting. They have their own life cycle, much like humans, and are in a perpetual state of transformation. In many ways, life consists of accepting the cyclical nature of being. Supernova is the collapse and subsequent explosion of a giant star, and ironically it is a death and a re-birth. Meredith encourages us to see ourselves as infinite and beyond measure. After all, a supernova is responsible for scattering heavier elements like carbon that comprise our solar system's components. We are connected to this phenomenon, and it serves as a mirror to our experience on Earth.