Sapphire Mariposa Hoop Earrings by Gemma Couture


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Specs:  The butterfly effect of these uniquely shaped earrings is a head-turner. Geometric symmetry meets the royal floating flower that is the butterfly. With a rich, deep blue color, the butterflies are constructed out of brilliant marquise-shaped blue sapphires totaling 2.99 carats set in blackened 14k white gold. 

Story: Introducing Gemma Couture—Jewelry of the past for the future. “We captured the essence of the past but gave it a much-needed twist.” says Yonatan Livian, Founder & CEO of Gemma Couture. “Your jewelry should be just as bold as anything else you wear.” As third-generation Milanese Jewelers, twins Yonatan and Yael Livian recognized that the winds of change were blowing in an uncharted direction.