Purple Opal Demantoid Garnet Necklace by Meredith Young


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Specs: Dreamy Australian purple opal beads with vibrant flashes of green are accented with  two 18k pave pyramid beads are encrusted on all sides with 1.55 carats of demantoid garnets. This 15-inch necklace offers versatile styling options – wear it alone, layer it, or add a charm with the toggle and clasp in front for a unique look.

Story: Meredith plays with geometric-shaped stones in arrangements to create an organic effect.  Conversely, she relies on geometric shapes to frame freeform, irregular stones. This aesthetic based on dualism culminates in alternative images of the YinYang.  Here two parts make the whole and one is defined by difference and by the existence of the other.  The contour line bounds them together and creates the balance. Again Meredith plays with the boundaries between the similar and the different, the geometric and the organic, and the raw and the refined.