Luxe Sunset Enamel Pendant Necklace by Meredith Young


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Specs: This pendant's enamel work evokes the vibrant hues of a setting sun, providing a colorful backdrop for .2 cts of diamonds that twinkle like stars emerging in the evening sky. Meticulously designed, this 18k gold pendant radiates a warm and positive energy, reminiscent of a serene sunset's beauty.

Story: This stunning necklace is part of Meredith's Controlled Chaos collection. As the oxymoron suggests, the Controlled Chaos Collection plays stability off instability. Different sized baguettes and rounds are used in arrangements that can be grasped in a single glance. For example, these forms come together in a single plane like a circle, faceted stone or organic geode shape. This kind of visual grounding allows the layout to stabilize only a moment before the composition of diamonds complicates the idea of a pattern. Often times, the diamonds only move partially around another material or shape to imply a type of destabilized order in progress. Like the chaos theory, Meredith sought to create an aesthetic system that hinted at order even if it was just a whisper.