Diamond Shield Dangle Earrings by Meredith Young

$8,000 $8,800

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Specs: These 18k white gold post earrings feature bezel-set bullet-shaped diamonds and shield diamonds dangling from diamond bars and finished with diamond briolettes, measuring 1.5 inches long. The dangle is removable and diamond bars can be worn alone. Total diamond carat weight is 1.43 carats. 

Story: These stunning earrings are part of Meredith's Artifacts collection. Meredith muses on man-made objects whose varying forms highlight their historical and cultural interest. Ultimately an object is chosen for commemoration in this collection based on its more subjective symbolic potential.  

Shields evolved to protect the body, and as objects, they evoke the notion of protection. As time progressed, the shape and the surface articulation became essential in identifying its owner and evidentially becoming central in creating a coat of arms and heraldic design. Meredith utilizes ancient Greek, Roman, Scottish, and pop culture shaped shields.