Diamond and Geode Tiered Necklace by Meredith Young

$2,730 $3,000

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Specs: Delicate 18k yellow gold necklace features a geode with a diamond halo with a bottom tier featuring three elongated diamond charms. This 18k gold necklace features 0.69 carats of white diamonds, and the tier hangs 2.5".

Story: Meredith plays with geometric-shaped stones in arrangements to create an organic effect.  Conversely, she relies on geometric shapes to frame freeform, irregular stones. This aesthetic based on dualism culminates in alternative images of the YinYang.  Here two parts make the whole and one is defined by difference and by the existence of the other.  The contour line bounds them together and creates the balance. Again Meredith plays with the boundaries between the similar and the different, the geometric and the organic, and the raw and the refined.