"Giving Tree" Rare Spinel Earrings by Paula Crevoshay


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Specs:  Paula Crevoshay takes a minimalist approach toward reflection of the lush abundance with which nature blesses us.  The Spinel swirls represent vines; the Zircon dangles evoke ripened fruit. The whole is balanced by the sweet promise of the budding and incredible bespeckled white with red Lepidocrocite drops -  imagery of flowers of fruit yet to come. Lepidocrocite totaling 1.34 carats and accents of white zircons top these earrings that can be worn with or without the unique speckled white spinel drops with red speckles that total 27.00 cttw.  

These earrings move and flash with brilliance and extraordinary natural colors. They are a one-of-a-kind creation by Paula Creoshay, whose pieces are shown globally in museums as superlative examples of gemological beauty. Exhibits include the Smithsonian, the Carnegie and the Whitney museums.