Boulder Opal Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Drops by Paula Crevoshay


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Specs: One-of-a-kind removable/interchangeable/convertible Sleeping Beauty Turquoise drops on 18k yellow gold Boulder Opal earrings by Paula Crevoshay.

Story: The artistry of design, fine metals and the most rare and significant jewels by Paula Crevoshay merit constant praise by connoisseurs, curators and collectors. Her pieces are in countless museums, including the Smithsonian, where her pieces receive visitation above all others except for the Hope Diamond, on exhibit close-by. Paula Crevoshay’s modern sensibility combined with her knowledge of archetypes and art history imbue her designs with a signature look that is at once as old and deep as the oceans and as fresh as the morning dew.

Her creations, like all beautiful things, have timeless appeal.  Rare, and often unique stones are a hallmark of Crevoshay jewels. Paula shares her joy in the rarest treasures of the earth in her work. Paula Crevoshay has an unerring sense of balance. This, combined with her refined and subtle use of detail and color, imbues each jewel with elegance and sophistication in a composition of harmony. We dearly love Paula Crevoshay, Martin Bell, and their entire organization.