Be a Lady Diamond Signet Ring by DRU.


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Stats: This 14k gold signet set with black diamonds (0.64 ctw) and engraved with "Be a Lady" is a signature piece that commands attention, yet remains playful. The updated version is now available with white diamond pavé  (0.23 ctw) that acts as a frame for the message. The engraved top sits high so that the 22 stones set around its circumference are featured prominently. Originally designed to be worn on the middle finger, it may be worn on any finger as a reminder to take the high road and to be kind in a world that is increasingly less so. Although it is a heavy ring, it sits comfortably on the finger. The body of the shank has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and acts as a pedestal so both the powerful message and the beautiful stones are showcased high atop the finger. 

Length across face: 23 mm

Height of face: 10 mm

Please include your desired ring size in the "notes" section during checkout. 

Story: One-of-a-kind antique and cast medallions of icons, Saints, crosses, and sayings comprise DRU., the fine jewelry collection in 14K gold, sterling silver, and precious gemstones, which designer Thea Miller launched in 2016.  Steeped in history and the power and protection behind religious iconography, the collection is as bold and edgy as it is symbolic. It can be viewed as armor and encouragement and carries meanings of faith, hope, love, empowerment, good fortune, and support.

When asked how Thea believes customers should buy and wear and collection pieces, she says, "My collection is about jewelry with significance that one can wear as armor, but it is also about having some fun and getting creative. It should be worn according to one’s mood. The pieces are meant to be tongue-in-cheek, like “Be A Lady” or more inspiring like the “En Theos” ring. “No matter which way you view the collection—it should ultimately be about the person who is wearing it,” Thea concludes.