There are rare occasions in life that bring us together with people from whom we are so different, yet, with whom we feel centering. A serendipitous connection of common interests. Different backgrounds but sharing of ideals.  I met Tony Malmed years after coveting his jewelry designs worn by a mutual friend. He and I spoke for hours about his jewelry and his past in our first conversation.  It was like reconnecting with an old friend,
albeit a conversation with a stranger.  Our mutual friend, one Christmas,  was wearing a pair of Tony Malmed earrings. I could not take my eyes from them.  The stones, the colors, the versatility.  After several hours and much wine, she kindly took off the earrings and let me hold them. A few years later, this same friend was wearing an opal bracelet that made me loudly gasp and fall in love with it at first sight. Again, our friend took off the piece and let me hold it.  Recognizing the hallmark of the designer, I exclaimed  "They same guy as the earrings!?!"  To which she laughingly responded  "YES!  The SAME GUY!   He's like a brother to me.  The two of you must meet."  I’m a gemologist with a jewelry store. This is an unusual reaction, to see pieces that speak to me with spiritual inspiration.  I saw more pieces by Tony after we met. Raw and organic, yet rich, this jewelry is evocative of what beauty the earth beholds. The polish, the heft and the purity of the pieces make me feel giddy when I put them on or show them to people.   This was the same feeling I felt as a little girl, trying on my aunts' jewelry, telling them I'd be a jeweler some day.   Tony’s designs, made in Santa Fe, are classically gorgeous while simultaneously earthy and natural in their appeal. Wearers of his jewelry are incredibly diverse. The same pieces look as pretty on ladies of the manor born as they do on hipster college girls. Simply beautiful jewelry relishing all the best characteristics of the stones and the metals.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and a treasure of rarity in collaboration of metals and stones in a concert of design acumen and workmanship. Tony, as he brings his designs to fruition, champions and embraces the cottage trade of local goldsmiths and stone setters through his designs with stunning results.  Tony Malmed, known by his friends as “Govind” and his wife Gayatri, are purveyors of beauty and love through their store in Santa Fe, Spirit of the Earth.. The two of them have been together for a long time and are formidable in their intelligence and essence of love and kindness. They met traveling in Afghanistan, spent significant time in India, and Tony learned the trade of jewelry design and making from the most primitive methods, in areas of the world far and wide.  His pieces feature stones with soul, celestial with hues of skies and sunrises,  creations from the heart, and the essentially intrinsic spirit of our earth.  His pieces are thoughtful talismans of originality, peace and positive essence.  Tony is a native of Philadelphia, PA.