Masriera, simply put, is the design house that, since 1839,  set the standard for what we know of as Art Nouveau Jewelry.   The love of the modern, which was central to this artistic movement, gave rise to sinuous, harmonious forms in both the decorative arts and architecture, with a distinctive iconography made up of fantastic, dream-like and sensual elements of the ethereal.  This caliber of work, which it is an honor for Talisman Collection to exclusively represent, is that from which museum collections and legacy heirlooms come.  Masriera was pioneer of the concept that each piece of jewelry should be a miniature piece of art.    Prior to his tenet, the primary focus of jewelry was serve as frame or showcase for particular jewels or metal creations, rather than to use the metals and gems toward the ultimate artistic presentation.  People travel globally to view collections of Masriera jewelry in museum exhibits including the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The National Gallery of Art and countless others, worldwide.