Diamond Mirrored Outline Shield Earrings by Meredith Young

$8,000 $8,800

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Specs: Round, pear, and baguette white diamonds adorn the outline of the figure-eight shield emphasizing the negative space in the center. This central shape is based on 15th century BC figure eight shields from the Greek islands. Flanking the figure eight on top and bottom are two shields outlined in baguettes. These earrings feature 1.81 carats of white diamonds. Available in 18k white god, 18k yellow gold, and 18k rose gold. 

Story: These stunning earrings are part of Meredith's Contour collection. As the name suggests, the Contour Collection is about lines that define boundaries that give form. The Contour Collection features ethical diamonds and precious stones in shallow, faceted form. By rendering the raw material in shallow form, the jewelry puts in the forefront the unusual colorations, inclusions, and markings, as well as, the contours lines that shape the stones. Meredith plays with geometric-shaped stones in arrangements to create an organic effect. Conversely, she relies on geometric shapes to frame freeform, irregular stones.  This aesthetic based on dualism culminates in alternative images of the YinYang. Here two parts make the whole and one is defined by difference and by the existence of the other. The contour line bounds them together and creates the balance. Again Meredith plays with the boundaries between the similar and the different, the geometric and the organic, and the raw and the refined.