Caduceus Motion Pen & Holder


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Specs:  This is a thoughtful, unique and useful gift for a doctor or anyone who works with health and medicine.

Pull up on the ball to remove the pen from the center staff---with a pop. When finished simply place the pen back into the staff, release,  and watch the pen descend slowly and beautifully back into place in the holder.

Since the 16th Century the Caduceus has served as a symbol of medicine.

The wing-topped staff wound about by two snakes that signifies the symbol for the Caduceus, is known to have been carried by the Greek god Hermes. Earlier times than ancient Greek, most notably the Babylonian, the symbolism of the intertwined snakes was representative of fertility, wisdom and healing.

The staff was carried by Greek officials and became a Roman symbol for truce and neutrality

Caduceus are the insignia of the medical branches of our US Army and Navy. 

Made of pewter in the USA.