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Credentials & Affiliations

Talisman Jewelry LLC and Talisman Collection LLC have affiliation as members, graduates and/or certifications from several industry trade organizations including but not limited to:

GIA - Gemological Institute of America - Graduates/Alumni - Gemology, Pearls, Colored Stones, Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Metals, Jewelry, and many other areas

JBT - The Jewelers Board of Trade - Member 

Jewelers Vigilance Committee - The Industry's Guardian of Ethics and Integrity - Member

ATGA - American Gem Trade Association - Member

Jewelers Security Alliance - Member


WJA - Women Jewelers of America Association - Member

El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce (California) - Member

ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers - Member

SNAG - Society of North American Goldsmiths - Member

PAA - Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association - Member