Meteorite Wedding Bands and Meteorite Rings

April 24, 2019

Meteorite Wedding Bands and Meteorite Rings

We have mens wedding bands and womens wedding rings using meteorite inlay.  Click here to view but a few of the many designs we carry.

The brands we carry with meteorite include Lashbrook and Chris Ploof. 

Our meteorite rings are from the Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia, Africa.  Meteorite, aside from being tens of thousands of years old, as well as magnetic, holds a special classification as a "fine octahedrite" metal, due to the distinctive crystalline structure visible on the surface of this ancient precious metal that fell from space to the earth.  These structures are called Widmanstatten lines.  This pattern varies slightly in appearance from piece to piece and may contain natural characteristics or "inclusions" which make every ring unique. 

The Gibeon flamed into our atmosphere as a visible star-like streak an estimated 30,000 years ago. The extreme slow-cooling of its trip through deep space created an original crystalline pattern into the resulting meteorite.

Though “officially” discovered in the desert in 1838, local craftsmen have made spear points and other tools out of the fragments for many years. The metal of the meteorite is estimated to be about four billion years old, and today it is a rare commodity.

Not all Gibeon Meteorite fragments are of equal quality. For every piece of meteorite that is suitable for use in jewelry, we reject nearly 20 others. Much of the meteorite has suffered deep fractures and inclusions on its travels to our planet, and many pieces have lain exposed to the elements for several thousand years. We use only the best quality meteorite for making rings and due to its nickel content, the Gibeon meteorite is naturally stain and rust resistant.

The Gibeon meteorite is cut, forged and fabricated, and then combined with platinum, gold or mokume gane to form an extremely strong, durable ring with a comfort fit interior. Our meteorite rings are available in many styles, and can be custom made to meet client specifications. We etch the meteorite in the final stages of creating the rings to enhance the Wiidmanstatten pattern, which is random and beautiful, original to each ring.