Black Wedding Bands

April 23, 2019

Black Wedding Bands

Our black diamond rings shown here are the only rings in the world made entirely of diamond.  A diamond press fuses millions of diamond crystals together under one million pounds of pressure.

Eighteen years of development and $32 million in research, plus seven patents culminate in this revolutionary product.  These black diamond wedding bands are the hardest, most scratch resistant wedding band on the planet.

Tens of thousands of diamond crystals are compressed into these bands.  We fuse more than 25 million engineered white diamond crystals using immense pressure (1,000,000 PSI) and extreme heat (2700 degrees F) to create a solid diamond black wedding ring.

There is nothing else like Elysium BLACK Diamond in the world. It is more enduring than titanium, harder than tungsten and its timeless luster and beauty will outlast silver, gold and platinum. Elysium offers the first successful diamond jewelry rendered in black. It will quite simply outlast and outperform every other substance in its class. Traditional materials scratch and mar easily and struggle to hold up in any working environment - even in the mildest of conditions. Diamond in Black is forever!

As hard as diamond because it is diamond

Our BLACK collection is the result of decades of science, technology and art - driven to perfection by a relentless quest for the ultimate black diamond. Timeless and dark as the depths of the earth that forge diamond, Elysium BLACK jewelry brings drama and desire together.

Proprietary technology now creates a multi-crystal black diamond matrix that resists scratching, lasts forever and maintains an artisan sheen that never fades. Step into the darkness of infinite perfection.