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Worlds Biggest Bucket List
Worlds Biggest Bucket List Worlds Biggest Bucket List Worlds Biggest Bucket List Worlds Biggest Bucket List Worlds Biggest Bucket List

Worlds Biggest Bucket List

We invite you to add your bucket list to a compilation of "The World's Biggest Bucket List"  We believe that the power of positive collective thought, writing down what you want and sharing the thoughts it will help you bring your dreams to reality. 

To start, as Talisman Collection's New York Times bestselling Author in Residence Gin Sander writes in her new book The Big Bucket List Book, "Jump start your spirit of adventure".   Follow the instructions below

1.  Print out the form shown here or email, visit or call us to give, email or fax you the form.   (Email:;  Fax:  1-800-217-5868;  address:  Talisman Collection, El Dorado Hills Town Center, 4357 Town Center Blvd Ste 118, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 or call 916-358-LOVE (5683)

2.  Write down ten things you want to do in your lifetime,  Aka "Your Bucket List"

3.  Return your list, along with your name and email address to Talisman Collection.  

4.  Open your heart and your mind.  Believe that great things will happen

5.  Enjoy!

We believe that positive collective consciousness makes good things happen.

We're kind of tired of the Presidential political antics, sad upheaval around the world, and the fact that you just had to pay your taxes.  We encourage you to take some time to focus on and share more positive your own personal "bucket list."

We're planning to enter the compilation of lists into the Guinness Book of World Records as an entry for The World's Biggest Bucket List.   

And if we make it in, we will let you know. 

We also plan to contact you once in a while to see if you were able to cross anything off your bucket list.

How did this come movement come about, you ask?

Two Northern California friends,  one an author and one a jeweler, sat down and decided that this would be a fun and interesting way to bring people of all ages, from every walk in life,  together in a simple pursuit: of putting 10 bucket list ideas out there by writing them down, sharing them and seeing if this effort helps to make the ideas happen.  These two friends have teamed up to try to create The World's Biggest Bucket List by encouraging participants from all over to put their hopes and dreams down on paper. 

Andrea Riso, proprietor of Talisman Collection Fine Jewelry in El Dorado Hills, and  New York Times bestselling writer Gin Sander, author of The Big Bucket List Book, are kicking off the effort on April 23.

Click here to see Gin's new book.

"In my work as a jeweler, one of my favorite parts of the work day is hearing people describe their bucket lists to me. Whether they involve a romantic trip to Paris for an anniversary or designing an heirloom ring to be passed down for generations, we all carry around a secret list in our head of what we hope to achieve," Andrea says.   "Gin Sander, some time ago, told me of the book she was writing about bucket lists.  Gin, a believer in and writer of books about miracles and other fascinating topics, suggested that we get these very people who talk about their hopes and dreams to write them down.  To put their wishes out there and add each list together in an enormous scroll.",  Andrea continued.  Gin says  "The very act of stating what you want and writing it down brings you one step closer to achieving it." 

Gin Sander spent a very long time researching bucket list ideas for her book (Sourcebooks, January 2016) and heard some very creative ones:  "A radio host wanted to go hunting in Argentina, an event planner wants custom made shoes, and a doctor travels all over the country in search of the exact vintage car his father once owned.  You just never know what people day dream about doing in their lives.", Gin says.

So now it's time to write and share your list.  Put your ideas out there.  We're here to bring you together and to cheer you on!  Participate in the power of collective positive engagement.


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