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Wingpala Earrings by Unhada

Wingpala Earrings by Unhada

Specs:  With pear shape purple sapphires, opals, diamonds, color-change garnets and carved wings of 18k yellow gold.  Limited Edition.

Story:  On golden wings we fly with stones of magic from nature.  Color change garnets transcend from purple to red, blue to green.  The matrix of opal is reminiscent of sunrise or sunset's most beautiful colors imaginable.  The flash of diamonds refract brilliant sparkles into these gorgeous earrings that interpret the most magical colors and gems of nature into a statement of free-flying beauty dangling from the ears.

Song:  "Let it Happen" by Tame Impala, sung live in Belgium.

Collections: $1000-$5000, $2500-$5000, Earrings, Groovy, Opal, Sun, Moon, Sky, Stars, Unhada

Type: Unknown Type

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