White and Natural Color Rosecut Diamond Open Drop Earrings

$4,400.00 $8,000.00

Specs: White and natural color rosecut diamond open drop, post-back, earrings set in 18k yellow gold featuring 4.50 carats of diamonds. 

Amyn is our personal friend. His store was recently destroyed from looting and riots. 100% of all proceeds from sales of his jewelry will be given to him to support the livelihood of Amyn, his wife and their kids and the rebuilding of his store.

Story: Amyn pursued his love for jewelry and started designing jewelry in the early 1980’s. He later went to Geneva where he studied jewelry casting for over a year. He returned to India to manage a family run jewelry casting facility.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Usher, Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post, Courtney Cox, and Angela Bassett, among many others can be found in Amyn on the red carpet and for everyday wear.

Amyn designs and creates his jewlery in Los Angeles, California.