Sapphire and Diamond 3 Sided Half Band by Graziela

Specs: An elegant combination of blue sapphires and diamond, this 3 sided half band features 1.26 carats of blue sapphires and 0.71 carats of white diamonds set in 18k white gold. 

      Story: Growing up in Brazil, Graziela Kaufman watched her grandfather carry out their family tradition of fine Italian jewelry making. Over the years, she would visit local mining towns, forming relationships with the miners. It was at this time she began designing “around” the gems. In an almost magical way, the gems continue to direct the color combinations and the general shapes of her designs. Graziela finds the originality of design as one of the most fulfilling parts of her job. She has been fortunate enough to travel extensively and experience many great cultural backgrounds, which has also influenced her design aesthetic.

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