Philip Stein Pink, Cream, Red Black or White Lizard Double-Wrap Watch Strap, Size 4 (12 mm)

$79 $125

Specs: This is for the mini-head, Size 4 - 12mm. Makes the small round head look more like a bracelet.  This strap is available in cream lizard, red lizard, pink lizard, black lizard, white lizard. Each strap comes with a lovely leather Philip Stein storage case for watch straps and bands.

Song:  "Pretty Pink Rose", written by David Bowie for our wonderful friend and inspiration, Adrian Belew.  Check out the unmitigated joy on their faces while performing this song.  I once asked Adrian what this experience was like.  Always humble, Adrian, one of our most extraordinary guitar artists in history, said "It was Bowie.  He's the master.   Even I was nervous!".   One would never know this from this classic video.