Deer in the Forest Ring by Manya & Roumen


Specs: A true work of art. An 18k Yellow Gold deer stands atop Uvarovite Garnet "grass" while leaning down to take a drink from a Tri-color Tourmaline "pond" with Diamond accents on the Sterling Silver double-finger ring base, complete with Black Onyx eyes.

Story: Manya & Roumen’s pieces are homages to the animal kingdom. They slither, flutter, and perch on the wearer as totems of the strength, resilience, courage, perseverance, and wisdom accumulated by animals over the millions of years that they have roamed this earth.

When designing a piece, Manya researches everything from the animal’s bone structure to social behavior. After drawing a rough sketch, Manya carves the animal from a block of wax, allowing the wax’s malleable and forgiving nature to influence the outcome.

Global travels to Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Belgium, England, and Canada stimulated Manya & Roumen’s creative imagination and led to their endeavor into jewelry. They have a studio in the beautiful Hudson Valley - just a train ride from the Jewelry District in New York City, where Manya & Roumen’s creations are carefully finished by hand.