"Feisty" Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold from Enamorata by Surita - Heritage Collection

Specs:  18k gold, barrel cut amethysts of 2.68 carats total weight sparkle under .44 carats of fancy neon red/orange sapphires in these articulating 18k yellow gold earrings that are 1.75 inches long.  A festival of color, these earrings catch light and scintillate.  Evocative of the shape of a woman's figure, hands on hips in a formidable pose, these earrings have a life of their own. Seriously, friends - these earrings are beautiful.   Superlatively rich hand-chosen color stones of the finest cut and hue in very warm, rich goldsmithing.

Story: The beauty of these earrings is that they are born from a personal space, yet we can connect to their beauty and function, the results of sharing experiences as a human race.  The concept tying the Enamorata collections together is evolution of consciousness.  As someone whose creativity provides an outlet for her deeply analytical side, Surita translates her joy, as well as the inevitable dark passages which come with a life fully lived, into wearable objects of beauty.  Surita’s intent is that these earrings begin conversations that encourage us to relate to one another while recognizing our similarities rather than our differences. Surita places a great deal of thought, detail, and love into her collections and each of her designs.

Song: "Son of a Gun (I Bet You Think This Song is About You)" by Janet Jackson feat. Carly Simon, Bollywood Edition


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