My Pen is Huge Cufflinks by Deakin & Francis


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Specs:  Sterling silver, blue enamel. 

Since 1786, Deakin & Francis has carried an international reputation for quality, breadth and diversity. Whether you are the Adventurer, the Gentleman, the Businessman, the Eccentric, the Enthusiast or the Connoisseur, Deakin & Francis has the cufflinks made for you.

Using the finest precious and raw materials combined with care and skill in craftsmanship, Deakin & Francis’s ever-changing repertoire has made them one of the most prominent designers in the cufflink industry. Each dress set adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your ensemble.

Song(s):  Kudos to Suzanne Vaughn for the perfect song choice.  And kudos to Jill L. for another perfect song choice.  And to my cousin Andrew for making a complete trifecta in the perfect song choices.  Funny. 





Ah...the fun.  We could go on forever...