Authentic Models Travels Light Small Hot Air Balloon


Specs:  Balloons combine color, décor and science, all-in-one. They’re as fascinating today as they were a century ago. Imagine viewing the earth, leaning on the basket’s rim, like a silent movie, floating the sky. A diminutive feeling, hanging from an enormous fabric balloon filled with helium. A Zen-like mood soon kicks in: watch the rolling hills, view snow in the mountains far away… your shadow skimming the hilltops, life down there stops to watch you glide. 

Since 1783, balloons have traveled the skies, this authentic museum reproduction of the Travels Light hot air balloon features a rattan basket hanging from hand-knotted netting. Measures 7 x 11.75 inches. Available in Rainbow, Rainbow Pastel, True Yellow, Mint, Pink, Black, Blue, and True Red. 

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