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Anna Ruth Henriques Black Pearl Spider Earrings

Anna Ruth Henriques Black Pearl Spider Earrings

Specs:  These delicately pretty-with-an-edge earrings showcase Anna Ruth Henriques' darkly romantic design aesthetic. Oxydized black sterling silver spiders with diamond eyes each perch upon a luminescent black freshwater pearl.  The earrings, evocative of the wonders of nature, crystallize Anna's credo that beauty is found in unexpected places. 

Spiders and webs are a leitmotif in Anna Ruth Henriques' work.  Anna made comment, when our gemologist first became intrigued by her with, fascinated with the beautiful interpretations of spiders, saying that " me, spiders are a symbol of creativity, resilience and self sufficiency.  Similar to females universally.  The spider (she) weaves beautiful webs, building and re-buidling a sustainable home for herself no matter what.  At the same time she uses her six hands or feet to perform other tasks, seemingly with ease.  This elegant creature, for me, represents self-sufficiency, independence and creativity.  I liken spiders to my women friends."

Anna, like the spiders and webs she weaves from precious metals, is a lovely and intricate person of many talents.  I highly recommend taking a look at her prolific work as a writer, photographer and painter, in her blog "Thread of Connection/Thread from the Web"

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