Diamond & Imperial Topaz Electric Lobe Earrings by Fernando Jorge


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Specs:  Some of the most spectacular earrings we've ever laid eyes on!  18k yellow gold set with white, champagne, and brown diamonds, accented by imperial topaz, totaling 4.55 carats.  Pre-order now for delivery by the second week of December.  Supply of this couture creation is extremely limited.

Story: An array of pear-shaped stones in dynamic settings, the Electric collections almost pulses with static, such is its sense of exuberant movement and energy. The range employs traditional stone cuts in non-traditional designs, a signature of Fernando Jorge in his experimental approach to fine jewelry. 

Another insight into Jorge's trademark style can be seen in the organic feel of the range; a nod to his fascination for irregular forms in nature. Aptly named for its buzzing vibrancy, the various pieces allude to bolts and waves of electric currents, and the designs bring these to life in a truly unique way.