Supernova Diamond Sapphire Collar Necklace by Meredith Young


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Specs: The Supernova Diamond Sapphire Collar Necklace by Meredith Young is absolutely breathtaking! Crafted from 18k yellow gold and adorned with an astonishing 7.25 carats of diamonds and 26 carats of white sapphires, it stands as a true testament to luxury and style— a statement piece like no other. Necklace measures 16.25 inches long. 

Story: This stunning necklace is part of Meredith's Supernova collection. The stars are in constant transition - expanding and contracting. They have their own life cycle, much like humans, and are in a perpetual state of transformation. In many ways, life consists of accepting the cyclical nature of being. Supernova is the collapse and subsequent explosion of a giant star, and ironically it is a death and a re-birth. Meredith encourages us to see ourselves as infinite and beyond measure. After all, a supernova is responsible for scattering heavier elements like carbon that comprise our solar system's components. We are connected to this phenomenon, and it serves as a mirror to our experience on Earth.