"Heaven" Necklace, Pendant & Enhancer by Paula Crevoshay


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Specs:  This extraordinary 18k yellow gold pendant is one-of-a-kind and handmade with provenance from The Headley Whitney Museum, "Beyond Color" Collection, Marylou Whitney~John Hendrickson Galleries Inaugural Exhibit.  A natural blue moonstone of 0.82 ct tops a rare natural specimen of hemimorphite weighing 18.88 carats with a blue zircon dangle on each side of the top piece, totaling 1.32 cttw.  Two pearls and a second spectacular natural color hemimorphite complete this piece.  The back side of the pendant is convertible;  it can be added to a chain, cord, or strand of beads or pearls as a rich and scintillating enhancer pendant.  

Story:  Metaphysically, these are very significant stones.

Hemimorphite reputedly has the healing energy of water, and is said to help people go with the flow and have fewer struggles. 

Blue Hemimorphite aids in communication of inner feelings toward healing unhealthy or damaged relationships. It is also used to:

  • encourage compassion
  • develop the ability to connect with the 'other side' and angelic beings
  • increase psychic or vision abilities
  • develop inner strength
  • excellent for energy in completing projects through to the end
This piece, recipient of worldwide acclaim for the beauty, rarity and inherent properties, bears the Crevoshay hallmark on the back.